I am so happy for these isolated pictures have been approved.

I am so happy for these isolated pictures have been approved.

For landscapes, I just need to adjust the aperture and shutter, consider composition and shoot it, with few PS working, a landscape picture has been finished.

But for these isolated object pictures, there are lot of work to do, I need tripod, flashlight, light box, white background etc, and keep adjusting the angle of camera, and also need to modify a lot by the Photoshop.

I almost spent all my off hours to do that, so I afraid if these pictures would not measure up the stock picture standard and be refused, all these time and energy would waste.

But I am so happy these pictures have been approved, my working is worthiness, and that will indeed encourage my confidence. I will keep focus at that.

By the way, I expect to learn more experience at isolated object shooting, anyone give me some tips or suggestions for that, I will very appreciate.

© Kenliu
© Kenliu
© Kenliu
© Kenliu
© Kenliu

Photo credits: Kenliu.

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Congratulations!!!! I just finished some isolated photos that I hope will be approved!


Nice pics, hope they bring many sales for you :0)


Yes, that is my lucky first sale, acutally I have made second sale, but it is a subscription download, I do not totally understand what is "subscription" meaning, and also that sale did not appear my profile, so my sale is still one.


Awesome! More.


Great images!!!! Good luck with them. And congratulations, I looked at your profile and I see that you have made your first sale. Good luck in the future.

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