I am so happy! My first SR-EL Sale...

In June, I sold my first illustration (Dream Catcher)SR-EL , with it rights and everything. I was blown away by the sale. Just only wished I could find out, where it is going to be used, and so on, as to me it is a milestone in my illustrations.. Thank you Dreamstime for working the sale price. I had not had it priced and I was blown away by the amount it was sold for.. Yippeeeee.. Getting 50% of the sale item.

Sure makes me happy, and I hope to again one day sell, another picture or illustration. Thank you Dreamstime, for your support and help in this! Just makes one want to produce better quality, in hoping it will happen again. Making images from imagination, pays off..

Wow, in a few years, my first BIG Sale... My first..SR-EL, This image is not the one sold, but similar to it, same idea.. AS I no longer hold rights to it, it has been removed, but stays vivid in my mind, forever!! woohooo Never in my wildest dreams did I even fathom selling one picture out right.. Dreams due come true, with Dreamtime!! ~Smiles~ Thank you!

Photo credits: Deeboldrick.

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December 04, 2011


I love your illustrations. Do you do any custom work? Or take illustration requests? I understand working through pain, as I am also suffering from a chronic form of pain. I used to measure my life in good days and bad days -- now I think EVERY day is a good day - just some are better than others :)

(North Carolina, USA)

July 04, 2011


Worth celebrating! Share your happiness!

July 03, 2011


Thank you everyone so much! I was so surprised, and also truly happy. ForZ3ra7ul3x..It sold for 800$. As they told me in the beginning, simple in nature and complex in concepts.... I have sold on book covers and also, in book illustrations, so this was the icing on the cake... Heck, if I can do it, so can many others... Thank you again for all your congratulations. It is truly appreciated..Thank you

July 02, 2011


Congrats! Well done...

July 02, 2011


wonderful to hear that. hope i can make that too

July 02, 2011


WOW Congrats!!!

July 02, 2011


Cool! Congratulations!!!

July 01, 2011


Congratulation :)

July 01, 2011


Very happy for you, wish you many more!!

July 01, 2011


Congratulations!! ^0^

July 01, 2011


Lol good, congrats! How many dollars you earn... from this sale.

July 01, 2011


Congrats! Well done!

July 01, 2011



July 01, 2011



July 01, 2011


Super congratulations :-)

July 01, 2011


COngratulations.... Great illustration.

July 01, 2011



July 01, 2011


Congratulations!! I'm still waiting for my first one.

July 01, 2011


wow , congratulations, heres to many more sr-el sales

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