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I hate Weekends!

Does it sound strange?? I workaholic person wouldn’t agree. I am workaholic like crazy. I like to work n’ work n’ work. This is a usual reason to get my wife upset and violent hehehe. I can’t help it because the professions I am in are so interesting. Music and Photography!!!!!! They have been my hobbies and my passions since long. Both of these require a lot of investment in terms of time and creativity to excel in them. I always strive to be the best in whatever I do but there is something else…. I have never taken formal training for any because dunno why, but since childhood I have had this belief that getting trained surely screws up your style to some extent. Its good to be raw in whatever you do even if it might be considered amateur or rubbish by the world. When you make a mark, you create a new trend of that rubbish way of expressing your art.

Come Saturday and I grow dull. I know that even if I work had on photographs and upload them to their limit, the reviewers are on holiday. So I am not going to see any new files online. Additionally, it’s a holiday for the rest too, so low sales :( . It kinda very frustrating to get into that excitement of finishing new uploads before the editors finish their day at work. Additionally, weekends means that children have holidays, so I have to teach more students than everyday. I have hated learning anything from a person so obviously I hate to see those children learn music from a person like that you know!

Time flows very slow. I have to see the watch everytime to see how much hours are left for Monday to start and the beginning of a new exciting week! I wake up on Monday and express my happiness – “Thank God! Its MONDAY!!!!!!”



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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September 10, 2007


True! But its not easy either. Many times hobbys or passions which end up as your profession dont give you a stable income like other jobs can. Its a risky situation always with no one who insures you or guarantees you a monthly income, but once your stars shine you may never look back. I am still waiting for the day it happens to me in my music career. And yes its easy for you on weekends because you are exclusive here, for me I have the highest quota for DT for uploads but fortunately or unfortunately the new upload limits give me a lot of time to work on other sites as well. Buts its the same everyday.

September 10, 2007


I think that any natural artist in the world needs space before he requires an audience. Art cannot be made without solitude and loneliness (not in the sad term). Finally everyone longs to have peace with oneself.. hehehe

September 10, 2007


So..... we have nearly the same destiny........ the world is a little place and we are all longing for nearly the same.

September 10, 2007


You are right but not as lucky. First I need space to work which I am not getting as I dont have money to setup my office somewhere else. Again, I also have to drive kilometers from my home to teach children singing or music. I take individual classes at their home as it pays more. So finally, even if i work at home, like you say the noise or even the presence of a person can be quite irritating.

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