I have arrived!!!!! 50 at last!!!!! Watch out world.....or not

As a 3D artist, I think (and I stand to be corrected here(and probably will be)) that the execution of imagery from start to finish (depending on the subject matter of course), takes quite a bit longer than conventional photography. So the ability to churn out images en masse is somewhat limited.

My next sentence will however contradict everything I have just said (hey, I'm an artist not a rocket scientist) in that once you have completed creating your subject matter i.e. finished modelling, texturing, lighting, setting up your scene etc, you now have something that you can use again and again and again..... with minimal work (see, I am a hypocritical contradictionalist)

So that's what I have done, its taken me quite a while to get too my 50 images, I am hugely chuffed and now I'm just waiting for the cash to come rolling in..... *sigh, back to the computer, must make more images, must drink more coffee, must....zzzzzzzzzzz

In all seriousness, I absolutely love doing this and to have this platform to exhibit my work and even get paid for it is what we in South Africa call very lekka (very cool).

Photo credits: Mark Seberini.

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Thank you all for your well wishes and words of encouragement. Its great to belong to a community of such groovy people


yay, massive congratulations - a great milestone - good luck for the next 50 :)


Congrats! I 've also just made it to my 50 online, so I know the feeling.With you best of luck with the sales and lot's of inspiration!


Congratulations! They look great, keep uploading and more sales will come :0)


I like how it's sound this word: lekka, like the music of South Africa!

I wish you to have an optimistic attitude, success and happy moments!



Wow, great work! Good luck!


Congratulations! Good luck! ;)


Congratulations! Keep uploading!


Cool, indeed, the images and DT...have fun and don't spill the coffee!


Very lekka images, welcome to DT boet...


Congrats, and good luck!


Nice images! Congrats!


Congratulations!Wish you luck with them:)

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