I have a doubt!

Recently on facebook, I found a man who uses a photograph made by Yuri Arcurs...But I have some doubt about this photograph because Yuri is Danish and that man is italian so I'm not sure that man is the man in that picture.

I have a doubt...no, I have to question:

1. What I have to do when I recognize a DT image in another website?

2. Can a model use as avatar a picture present here in DT?

Those are very important things we have to know because a stolen image is a damage for everyone of us and not only for this website!

Can someone answer me these questions?

Thank you :-)


Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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October 13, 2009


When you have to report potential illegal usage of our images, please contact support with details - make sure you include link to the page where the image is used. Using model images as avatars is not quite allowed but my recommendation is to contact support and provide them will all necessary details. Keep in mind that thee may be contributors whose images are available through very many other sale means online. Usually, for photographers that are not working exclusively with our agency, the credit line may be the surest way to determine whether the image was downloaded form our site or not. Also, you need to check if the image still has its watermark - in which case it was not downloaded properly and you need to contact support.

October 12, 2009


Let the support be your first front line, it's safer & they are effecient!
Cheers ;)

October 12, 2009


Ok, I unerstand. I'll try to ask to him. Thank you :-)

October 12, 2009


you have to realize that not everyone uses the only one service to sell their images, i would recommend commenting on an image and they can report it if they feel that it is warranted

October 12, 2009


If you suspect anything contact support - sometimes you find things that are in fact legitimate, and it isn't good for real customers of DT to get emails accusing them of stealing...

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