I have the first sale too!

I'm happy! I sold my first photo in DT. It's beautiful feeling. Unfortunately, I don't know by whom it was downloaded. But I'm happy and it's only beginning.

Good luck!

Your Oleksandr Vorokh!

Photo credits: Oleksandr Vorokh.

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November 27, 2007


Thank you, my dears. I try to develop myself and be better. The best photographers of DT have more "total sales" than "uploads" in several times and some of their photos are really excellent!

November 27, 2007


Congratulations Oleksandr on your first sale however, there is a thread especially designed for this which we strongly and warmly advise you to use. https://www.dreamstime.com/thread_4739 for all sorts of achievements and successes, as well as sales accomplished on our site.

November 26, 2007



November 26, 2007


Congratulations! Yes, it is a great feeling. I can remember when I first started. I was constantly on the site looking to see whether anything had sold. The morning I woke up and saw the first sale, I yelled to my husband "I MADE 50 CENTS!" He thought I was nuts, but I was so happy! Good luck with DT.

November 26, 2007



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