I have a question re images of old cars.

Could anyone tell me what the rules are when taking pictures of old cars? I see on DT everything, some with the name/kind of car and some without. What exactly should I be concerned with when submitting photos of cars, boats, etc. Thank you for your help. (this picture has nothing to do with my question)

Photo credits: L Hill.

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I would choose one way or the other for each picture to avoid getting rejections based on too many similar's.


Nice pictures BCritchley, I was wondering that, if we could submit them twice. Once in each type. I'll do that. Thank you MUCH.


I have both ( I think ) in my portfolio. Editorials are the way forward if your selling the specific model or manufacturer as the pictures concept. But you can also "remove" badges, emblems, logo's etc and then submit the shot as RF. They can/do sell on occasion :-)
This is RF    New and old parked cars   
and this Editorial =    Ferrari Badge   


Thank you Lowthian, that helps a whole lot. Thank you for taking the time to answer.


I only have 3 images of the same old car - my neighbor's 1962 Corvette. One image is of the whole car, another of just the dashboard, and the third of just of the right side tail lights. All were submitted as royalty free but in order to do that, I had to remove all visible names and insignias. I also left a note for the editors that I had done so. You can still title the photo as what it actually is - in my case "1962 Red Corvette Convertible".


Editorial is he best way in that case. Good luck!


Yes, I was also wondering about editorials too. I hope we get some info from ones who have knowledge of it all. Thanks for your help.


I usually submit old cars images as editorial, at least if logos or plates are visible...
By the way, is there any difference in the commercial potential between editorial and non-editorial images? 90% of my portfolio is made of editorials!


No expert here, but you can safely submit the photographs of old cars as Editorials. Don't underestimate the potential of editorial works. Some of my editorials actually give me more recurring downloads than the non - editorials. In fact , my best seller, as little as they are compared to the top sellers, is an editorial.

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