I haven't touched my Camera in a week!!!!!

I haven't touched my Camera in a week!!!!!

I really can't believe that LIFE has had me so busy!

First my granddaughter got sick, then her mother caught it, then I caught it.

This is the heart of Pecan season and we have 16 trees dropping LOADS of pecans all day and night that must be picked up twice a day. (yes we sell them)

Then my hubby and I are in the middle of remodeling our apartment and adding on a room.

Along with getting halloween ready for 12-13 kids.

You would have thought I would have found something to inspire me.

Oh well I will do better next week!

In the mean time here is my most recent approved, photo from our August trip.

Photo credits: JoSistare.

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October 31, 2008


WOW, you have been busy, hope you are all feeling better. Beautiful image above.

Good luck with it!

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