I haz a sad face

My sales are slow..totally my fault... haven't been submitting lately. but...I haz a sad face because my last two sales are subscriptions.

Lowest either one had ever earned was 50 cents waaayyyy back in 2007. The highest 3.00 each as late as May of this year.

Last sale 42 cents.... sad face

( now before anyone says anything... I understand the concept of subscriptions, etc... just posting my honest thought... and you don't have to say anything. :-)

Photo credits: Jason Schulz.

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I have not had any sales at all for several months - although I keep uploading and uploading. :(


Bet I have a sadder face than you! My only 2 sales have been subscriptions lol. ;0) Cheer up things could be so much worse. Have a good day. :0)

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