I Heart Freedom

A month into my tenure at Dreamstime and I may as well write one of these blog things. With a little luck, penning a few words now and then will help me work out what I'm doing right, and what needs improvement.


Two sales! Booyah! This may seem a laughably small achievement to the old timers but for someone who, until a month ago, never thought it possible to sell images for profit (without years of training, a dedicated studio and a camera big enough to be described as 'the murder weapon') it feels like a huge deal. A couple of people actually paid cash money for pictures that came out of my dinky little GF1? Crazy.

I felt a similar rush of adrenaline the first time somebody paid for something I'd written (in my day job as a freelance scribe/professional bullsh*tter). The realisation that I didn't have to earn my wage in an office or factory, that people were willing to pay for the thoughts that fell out of my head onto a blank sheet of paper, was incredibly cathartic. It opened up my world; freed me from the idea that I would be forever tied to the 9-5, to the UK, to a monthly paycheck and the perpetual, grinding, soul sapping responsibility that comes with it.

Now these sales didn't give me a rush of the same force (you can never have a second first cigarette), but they opened up the world just that little bit further. For the first time since I quit the rat race here's a new experience. Not only can I escape the office, but now I can escape the desk entirely. I can close the laptop and go for a wander out in the fresh air, and with a little patience and imagination I can earn money while doing so.

It's a great feeling, and I want more.

My first sale:

Photo credits: Keith Taylor.

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Wait until you get your first payout - that's always a great feeling. And, all the payouts that come after that first payout keep you smiling too ;o)


Well done


Nice blog, thaks for share and wish you many more sales!


Man, I can soooo relate!! I am a newby of 3 weeks, 12 accepted and 0 sales. I can't wait till I can say "It's a great feeling, and I want more." This IS fun!!


Thanks, everyone, and nice to meet you Ruby :)


A kindred soul! I'm a freelance writer too, discovering a new world in photography. Nice to "meet" you, Keith! And congratulations on your first sales! :)


Nice blog,congratulations!




Congratulations, wish you many more sales :-)


Congratulations! Great photo!


nice pic


Great blog... There is always a beginning for everything...


I hope you get plenty more.... from an "old timer" .... I think ?

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