I know what you'd do this summer

Lean back in the perfect tropics sun on a perfect tropical island having a nice cold drink simply relaxing and enjoying the well deserved peace and quite after a whole year's work. Catch a boat ride and maybe scuba diving, look for the treasure do those things you've never done.

Or maybe you're more of the mountain type and you'd rather wear you warm clothes even in summer. And probably you also like camping the middle of nature, feel the smell of the wild flowers and the grass, stay in the wind ... "watch out for the bear!"

The more adventurous version of the mountain type vacationer goes to higher places and feels everything a few times harder than the rest of us. Well will you be this year, Everest camp 5?Good luck up there, I heard the air is kinda rare :)

Of course you can also go sailing and fishing or maybe in an African wild safari (with your camera of course) and take some nice portraits (this guy doesn't need a model release, lucky for you).

And there are always the people who like the cities, the more crowded the better

No matter where you spend your vacation make sure you have a great time and leave all the worries behind. It lasts too little to spoil it, have great memories from it and last but not least, great images.

Photo credits: Bluestocking, Ecophoto, Asther Lau Choon Siew, Tyler_derden.

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