And I know why ...

I'm still wondering about blogging...

So why?

Just because, it seems that I would be unable to cancel, or to correct what I would write.

Also because ...

Well of course it is going to bring visibility, of course that's the "internet game" : trying to be seen...

But I would be more happy and secure if I could write, and re-write... think and re-think about the article...

Well it could be only for grammar and spelling, it could be to re-express and idea...

(I know, I could write first on a word document, but I have around 20 articles unfinished, on word document. And if I put some time and work written an article, I want it to be perfect, and I dislike the idea I wouldn't be able to correct it.)

The other point is : for who am I trying to blog.

That is an important question, I guess... more important at the end than it could be for my personal blog.

With personal blog we are more or less choosing who is going to be our public.

With the Dreamstime blog we are writing for Dreamstime's public : contributor, designer, etc...

Whatever, I'm almost sure about my next article ...something like "how to find inspiration for blogging"

Photo credits: Andres Rodriguez, Sophie Martin.

Your article must be written in English

September 05, 2007


Well, thank for answering ... if modifying after 24 h is not possible, perhaps a draft possibility?

September 03, 2007


You have 24 hours access to the edit button after submitting the article. During this time, you can check, correct and modify whatever you want. After 24 hours, the access is restricted. This measure was taken mostly as precaution as we have had some sad experiences with the message board when users deleted their posts and the whole discussions made no sense.

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