I learned something fun to do while waiting on pending files results!

I Just am wondering if I'm the only one who has fun playing with their mouse. After

you click on the mouse wiggle it back and forth! Some images look so funny and yet so real when you apply this technique. It is so much fun I didn't want to keep it all to myself. Have fun! Enjoy playing with your mouse. Someone needs to invent frames that cause the image to wiggle in certain areas like that. It is so stimulating! I am really looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Try the technique with this image and watch the man's nose wiggle!

Photo credits: Anita Patterson Peppers.

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Innovative ideas. . . . . . . . . .


Everybody must be having fun playing with their mouse.....Well, maybe you don't have to click....but you do wiggle!


You're welcome! Remember....click..wiggle....click...wiggle!


Try it on these two images too....from the portrait section. They look so alive![imgl]467318[/imgl][imgr]13121[/imgr]


Dreamstime needs a play section where photographers who are willing submit images and people pay a certain amount of money or credits to play. It would be a category of its' own! The purpose behind this is to develop vision skills as well as spotlight willing contributors' images.


You are so very welcome, Pat. Thank you for your response!


Great cheap entertainment in these stressful times. Thanks for posting!

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