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This is a stray cat, but in my opinion is a different cat and other cats, it has a temperament like people, it's very flattering, it's temper is different at different times, it is sometimes very cute, sometimes particularly fierce, sometimes lazy, sometimes jump.

This photo was taken when, in fact, the cat is sleeping, when it was awakened by my actions, the cat looked up and looked at me, I used the camera to record the moment.

Until now, the cat's age have at least 8 years old, however, did not prevent the body's aging better pursue its life, its life is laid-back and simple, when the sun sets every day will see it go the distance to the grass

Photo credits: Shaowen1994.

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June 02, 2014


Nice, congratulations!

June 02, 2014


Great photo, good luck.

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