I'll tell you a story: esclusivity of character

Six months ago I sold the rights license of an illustration featuring a woman character. I have many illustrations in my portfolio featuring that character.

After one month roughly DT staff contacted me and told me that the buyer who bought the illustration above mentioned was interested in purchase the esclusivity of that character and asked me "what would be the cost for selling the rights for the character and remove all the images from sale???"

I had 11 illustrations featuring that woman so to me it meant 11 SR-EL in addition to take into consideration the limit of not using that character any more.

It was something of extraordinary...it was a kind of sale out of DT price list....and I was really happy it happened to me :-)

So I established the price in thousand of dollars...and wait for response.

After an exchange of emails with DT staff the story didn't have a happy ending for me.....the dream didn't come true and the buyer didn't buy rights for that character.

It was a delusion for me but it is also a good news for you....here in DT there is also another kind of sale out of standard.....maybe you will be next one but let's hope with opposite ending ;-)

good luck!

By the way this is the woman character

Photo credits: Libux77.

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Too bad, but that character will continue to give you earnings.




If i were you i'd make lots more images with that character- show them what they're missing. Great Illustrations by the way


Something bigger might be on the way for you.....keep it up....


Oh! To bad you didn't have the big sale, but it's great to know that this things can happen!

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