I love animals - Need advice

I love taking pictures of animals but I can see that they don't sell as much as illustration & clipart.

I am a Biologist that loves photography but I know I still have a long way to go.

This spatula was my first upload. It was sold in a few months after being accepted. I was so happy that someone liked it so much to buy it!

I wrote this article expecting to get some advice from you all experienced photographers. I don't have many images sold, and I see so many of you with simple images level 5 that makes me feel I can do better.

I have images that I like cause they are unique, like my white cricket, but it still has no sales.

I registered on Dreamstime to share some pics I've taken. Although I have a few uploads I got fond of the site and all the improvments they made since 2009.

It took me one and a half years to upload another image because after my first few accepted images, many others were rejected.

Now I am confident again and doing my best. I look forward for any comments or recomendations!

Photo credits: Alina62.

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May 11, 2014


That horse is really looking at your camera Mishys. Great work! Ty for posting

May 11, 2014


Nice photo 220volt. Thx for dropping it by

May 11, 2014


Ty Egomezta your images are great too. Thx for comment

May 10, 2014


I also a big fan of making photos with animals - it's not always easy as they don't want to fix the position for photo:) but if you have luck - the photos of animals are always sweet...
   Cute white bunny rabbit      Brown horse stallion in the farm      British cat sleeping at home   

April 29, 2014


Your images are great! I've never seen a white cricket before so thanks for sharing that! I too love animals and though they may not generate lots of sales I will keep photographing them, so don't stop. Keep shooting and uploading you will get sales eventually :) Keep checking out your fellow DT colleagues portfolios for ideas, inspiration and see what else is selling. Great images.

April 28, 2014


Hover fly on a flower under other plants.I love animals,so when I am walking in garden and get picture of any insect that I could find.
   Hoverfly on orychopragmus   

April 28, 2014


Your images are great, good luck and thanks for sharing your love for animals.

April 27, 2014


Nice pic Vilaimages. That is a Giant Tortoise I´m sure from Galapagos
Yes the whale was taken at Península Valdés. You must g0 there soon. You havee great photos and high level many of them.

I just got approved some that I like very much, also from Patagonia

   Patagonia Guanaco on the road   

April 27, 2014


I love animals too and I have a few photos with some sales. But stock photography is mostly about concepts for commercial advertisement. I see that you are from Buenos Aires, there are so many photos I can think of taking just by walking around in that city! (I was born there but lived in the US for many years).
Is the whale photo taken in Argentina? Valdes peninsula maybe? Got to go there one of these days...

   Galapagos Giant Turtoise   

April 25, 2014


Ty Irisangel for your comment. I´ll keep up enjoying

April 25, 2014


As wonderful as your images are, you really need many, many more images to be able to compete in the stock photography market. Keep enjoying your photography and upload your best images. As your portfolio increases, so will your sales.

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