I am in love with a texture.

My new interests as a contributor here on DT is in the creation of things that whirl around in my head. I find myself collecting things and textures. The one I am finding the most use for (at the moment) is this cracked asphalt driveway of a home in my neighborhood.

It is so compelling to look at and has so many uses. When I begin a new 'canvas' I spend much time developing the idea that it becomes my goal to have more than one finished product. Much like contributors on a shoot where they have their model pose in many ways or use many expressions. My goal is to have 2 to 3 uses for a subject matter.

In the case the texture was the driver of the imagery. Here are a few finished products using the cracked drive way. I use layers and streaks of colors at different opacities to achieve the tones and gold hues (gold is also a current favorite of mine... well that and blue!).


Iguana lizard

Magic book

Car broken down

Photo credits: Eti Swinford.
Eti Swinford
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I just can't leave well enough alone!

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Yes the end result is very good. And your system of work is also very interesting. Thanks to share some of your experience! cheers!


Thanks for the kind words. YOU applauding me is a nice compliment. Have a good day! Eti


Eti,that's the spirit!!!Some of your images are really surrealistic and Mr.Dali would definitely applaud you :) Thank you for the inspiration I get from your collection.


NOOO please don't tell them their driveway looks like a desert! I did a quick drive by shooting on their driveway so they don't know my real feelings! By the way the rest of my neighborhood isn't nearly as interesting! I guess that is good thing LOL.


Eti, you know you are my all-time PS hero and it just gets better and better. Wonderful work that I greatly admire... However, I think we should take up a collection to get your neighbor's driveway re-paved after you are done admiring the cracks. Do your neighbors know you have this fixation for their cracked driveway???


Yes everything is in Photoshop using many layers to create the mood and colors.


Those pictures are very good! Did you do that in photoshop?


I love the image of the book.... I wish you a lot of succeses with it and a lot of such excellent ideas!


Thanks for the feedback! Always nice to hear from people.


All I can say is: WOW! You are absolutely amazing Eti


Your work is fantastic, Eti. I have always said that, and you don't give any reason to stop that. Thanks for sharing a little bit technique of yours! :)


This is great, Eti.
Most I like the book picture.


When I grow up I want to be able to produce images like this :0) they are really good, well done.


Fantastic, its a great job


Great work, the cracked texture does add another dimension to your already interesting images. Good luck with them.