I love to travel

I always look for an excuse to take my girlfriend and my camera and to go “where no men has ever gone before”

I live in England in Yorkshire for pas few years. I thought I have seen everything there is for me to see in here. All the great and famous places and those less known.

So I have started to look for a new countries new places go visit.

But then I found photos here on DT that amazed me. Photos of places that, for some reason, I have missed on my journeys. Some of them from far away like Scotland or south coast, but some from just round the corner.

That’s why I would like to show you some of the places that I have never been to, but thanks to You I will now visit.

It seems that you never know what is hiding behind the next hill.

© Mtain

Thank you all for those great photos.

© Eol

© Eol

© Eol

Photo credits: David Watson, Boguslaw Kupisinski, Gudmund1, Peter Montgomery, Andrew Girdwood.

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April 11, 2008


Cool photos!
I would like to visit there too. ;)

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