I'm baaackkkk

In my last blog I was trying to decide whether or not I would close my account. I don't have a huge portfolio but still I had put effort into it and hated to completely lose the time and work.

After prayer and consideration, I enabled most all my images again and have been submitting and SELLING!

One of my assignment files from last year has sold twice this week.

as well as some of my older files

and one of my new ones sold within hours of being added

several others have sold as well so things are off to a good start. That is a good thing because I lost 6 months of sales by disabling them. However all the issues are straightened out, I am still selling well locally, still on the POD sites and looking forward to my next venture.... learning how to create VECTORS!!!

Photo credits: Denise Milana Beverly.

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All the best Denise! I know this is late but Iam new here and posts like this one are an encouragement!


You have a great portfolio and you have lots of creative ideas,so welcome back to Dreamstime and have fun while you create more images. Never, never give up, just keep soaring!

Best regards,


welcome back denise! still focus, keep uploading until your image reach 1000 and feel the different. don't give up! ;)


Hi Denise, great to have you here! :) Best wishes!


Welcome back :-)
Good decision !


Welcome back and congratulations on the sales!!!!!


Welcome back! I wish you lots of luck. I am right there with you, trying to learn some new programs, Vectors do seem to be the trend.


Welcome back, and some nice uploads.


Wooo-whoooo! Welcome back! Knew you'd make the right decision. :-)


i disabled my images for about 6 months and so naturally they were not selling during that time, therefore i lost sales on them for that amount of time. thanks for the welcome back!!


Welcome back! What do you mean by losing 6 months of sales?


thanks for reading and for even caring about whether or not i returned... :-)


Great comeback, I was wondering after reading your last blog what did you decide, good you updated us. Welcome back to the family.

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