I'm back.... seven years later. Hello everyone!

Hi there,

I registered with Dreamstime 7 years ago, uploaded some images and... quit ( Really, was busy with some other stuff, shooting on demand photo and video. Also started developing Android applications for photographers -- that is so fun indeed !

Now decided to come back and was a bit surprised that I have some deposit at Dreamstime -- the revenue over 7 years. Not a smashing amount of money at all, but still something to be proud of, and thankful for.

So I started uploading and yesterday got my first sale by subscription. The ice is broken so to speak )))

Composition with flowers and books

Greetings to all fellas and will be looking forward to seeing all your works and be inspired by them!

Photo credits: Roman Medvid.
Roman Medvid
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  • Rmedvid
  • Kyiv, Ukraine
I'm a 40+ years old photographer. Photography is amazing but I don't limit myself by it. I shoot video, I study new cameras and the best way to process them.

I also develop Android applications for photographers and videographers.

Whatever is new and superb, catches my attention )

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February 25, 2015

Welcome come back!


February 23, 2015

Welcome back. there are many new stuffs here and you will love it.


February 23, 2015

thank you all, folks!


February 22, 2015

yes, welcome back!!! - nice composition that pic above :)


February 22, 2015

Welcome back! Keep up! Don't give up! Good luck!


February 22, 2015

Welcome Back!! ^_^


February 22, 2015

Welcome back! Will be interesting to see how your work has changed in 7 years