I'm looking for a new professional camera. What do you suggest?

Well, i'm looking for a great camera so that i can get better pics and won't have to do as much tweaking. Any suggestions?

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July 31, 2008


Not sure what you mean by "professional"? But if you want something under $1500 you would be crazy not to check out the Fuji Finepix S5 Pro. It is about to be upgraded and the s5 can be found for around $1000. That is super super cheap. Essentially it is a Nikon D200 with a better sensor and electronics.

Fuji use an octagon shape pixel with Red Green and Blue on different layers.

Check out the review on dpreview.

I have seen them very cheap, but check out his for an example.


PS. I have used Canon for 25 years and that may all soon end. Depending on the price of the new Sony A900

July 30, 2008


What are you using at the moment?
Remember one thing: The lens are more important than the camera. If you put the crappy 18-55mm that came with the first digital rebel on a 1Ds Mark III, you will get crappy pictures from an 8000$ camera. On the other side, put a 70-200 f/4 L on a Rebel body and you will get great shots. If you don't own a dSLR atm, look for the entry level ones on Canon and Nikon and try to budget a good lens with it. Look for a 50mm f/1.8... they don't cost much and have great optical quality so it could be a good place to start.

July 30, 2008


Depending on your budget. You can get anything from a very nice point and shoot Canon G9 to the newest DSLR Nikon D700. Both Canon and Nikon are top camera makers so you can't go wrong if you choose one over the other.

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