I'm looking for a new professional camera. What do you suggest?

Well, i'm looking for a great camera so that i can get better pics and won't have to do as much tweaking. Any suggestions?

Photo credits: Ckell663.

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July 31, 2008


Not sure what you mean by "professional"? But if you want something under $1500 you would be crazy not to check out the Fuji Finepix S5 Pro. It is about to be upgraded and the s5 can be found for around $1000. That is super super cheap. Essentially it is a Nikon D200 with a better sensor and electronics.

Fuji use an octagon shape pixel with Red Green and Blue on different layers.

Check out the review on dpreview.

I have seen them very cheap, but check out his for an example.


PS. I have used Canon for 25 years and that may all soon end. Depending on the price of the new Sony A900

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