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Until now, I have registered nearly six months time, I would like to say to yourself now really able to stick to easy, just registered when my photo acceptance rate is almost zero, it really hit me good but I did not give up, then I insist upload any photos, so I stick to this now, there is a saying much do anything as long as it smoothly.

And now I have not reached easily along then, I've had a lot progress, learning is never-ending, I need to learn there are still many things that I will always continue to persevere, because only stick to the end before the results!

This is the first picture I passed, and its name is reed robots, this picture belongs to the creative class bar, photos of my robot model is handmade, and the post-processing pass up, so I am surprised that it passed, but I am also very excited.

Photo credits: Shaowen1994.

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June 02, 2014


Welcome to DT, enjoy your time here... We have a great Community.

June 02, 2014


My English is not good, I will try again to improve, thank you

June 02, 2014


Welcome to DT and good luck!

June 01, 2014


you have to start somewhere! welcome, i look forward to seeing more of your work

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