I'm one year old today

I have been here for one year today.

First,I would like to thank you all of you (buyers,contributors and admins) for all support and friendship. DT helps me to improve many skills e.g. Photography, Illustration and English. I'm really happy here.

I requested my first payment (500USD) in May.As I wrote in my profile that I will donate half of my earning here for charitable organization.

250USD+ were donated to world vision child organization. It will help poor children on their education and living. I would like to thanks all buyers for them :)

Some statistics...

280 files online. 616 sales.

4 assignment files,5 level 3 image,31 level 2 images

Total revenue: 885.41,Average RPD :1.35

My first image.

....My first image sold.

Finally, I wish you all the best and hope all your dreams come true at Dreamstime :) Cheers!

Photo credits: Alphaspirit, Mitch1921.

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August 11, 2009


Congrats, best of luck for future.

August 10, 2009


These comments make me smile..
Thank you...Teekaygee,Carolyne,Maen,Lftan,Nabeela,Desislava,Irisangel and Keki :)
Hope all of you have many more sales,too ;)

August 09, 2009


Very inspirational! well done on your success! happy anniversary

August 08, 2009


Congratulations Mitch, Happy DT day! I wish you continued success. Wonderful thing you are doing.

August 08, 2009


Happy DT day! Keep on going! All the best!

August 08, 2009


very very heartful congratulations.
i like ur social attitude. i will also do like this.

god bless you

August 07, 2009


Happy Anniversary :) Hope more like you donated to world vision child organization. Building a better world for children, please visit http://www.worldvision.org, Thanks all.

August 07, 2009


Happy anniversary! It's really great that you've donated half your earnings to charity. Hope you have many more sales :0)

August 07, 2009


Congratulations Mitch, you're an artist. Cheers ;)

August 07, 2009


Congratulations on your anniversary and your success here so far; you are off to an excellent start. Donating half your earnings to a charitable organization is very generous and thoughtful, and I'm sure much appreciated by the recipients.

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