I'm so silly!! - kicking myself

All this talk of keywording made me have a look at mine and OH MAN what a silly fool I've been the past year - I'm going through my images one by one and checking my keywords .... they are rubbish!!!


© Keki
this open book with the title "open empty book"; before I corrected it, it didn't even have the words "open, empty and paper" rubbish! :sss

so I'm taking this new aproach and have jotted down a couple of questions before submitting to help find the keywords in my head:

1 - is there anyone in the picture

2 - time of day

3 - material

4 - isolated / not?

5 - when / what / who / why

6 - concept

also - check spelling - that's another rubbish thing I've found. the spell checker might correct it but watch out - it could be something else!

so I guess moral of the story is: take your time and think about it the image and what it represents before submitting it - or it will never be found!

Photo credits: Keki.

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August 04, 2010


Hi keki
Useful article!
Keywords is very important!

January 26, 2010


for oscar you are quite intelligent, you know ,lol.
seriously, very helpful article.
and yes i do err many time esp when i have a lot to upload. i tend to rush my keywords to get them all submitted. when in fact, speed is the least vital here. as you said, without proper keywords, you may as well not bother submitting your work. they won't be found.

January 14, 2010


Those questions are really helpful! I think I'll be referring to this article a lot in the future!!

January 12, 2010


I think you are so right...when I review my keywords, I do find that I miss the "obvious", and say "what a silly fool" just like you:) I also suggest reviewing, on a periodic basis, all images that have few or no views, and to re-look at the title and description as well as the keywords. Some changes might help.

January 12, 2010


Thanks for the tip! Maybe I better go check out some of mine.

January 09, 2010


Great ideas - in addition, adding the names of prominent colors can help.

January 09, 2010


Never too late! ;)

January 09, 2010


reviewing is a very good idea!

January 09, 2010


Keywords are key to success; it's a good idea to have a check list and to review the words sometimes, although I guess the post-reviewing bit gets harder the more uploads you have; better do a thorough job to start with.

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