I'm working out my personal wwww site

Hello people! I bought a my photogallery domain and now I need to find a free site program for my photogallery. I'm not good in web programming at all. I set up danneo CMS and It works now with it but I didn't like it. Now I'm looking for a new CMS to make my photogallery. Is anybody use good free CMS for a photosite?

I would love to show my photos :)

Photo credits: Amikphoto.


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July 28, 2009


Nice photos! We're waiting to see your site!

July 27, 2009


Thank you! Very interesting! I'll try to... Now I'm thinking of pixelpost. It's free and very cute. A lot of plugins.

July 27, 2009


why not try a wordpress, thats what I use. there are a couple of plugins that are made for photographers. it took me about 20min to get set up

mine is halientdesigns.com if you want to check it out

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