Am I really making money from microstock?

I started microstock photography 2 years ago. Today, I have almost 1800 pictures in my portfolio submitted to multiple agencies and working part time for microstock.

Every month, I am posting earnings reports in my blog, Pixels Away. There are usually happy showing some positive trends. A few other microstockers are also sharing their numbers. However, it is not a full story. It doesn't say how much expenses and photographer's time was invested to produce these images. So, finally, I tried to include expenses into my analysis:

Am I Really Making Money from Microstock Photography ?

Part 1 ... Part 2

In summary:

- I calculate RPI (return per image) or other statistics in reference to a total number of pictures prepared for microstock including rejects, multiple versions, pictures not submitted.

- I added expenses (including money saved for camera and gear upgrades) and looked at "net RPI".

- Finally, I derived my "hourly rate" as a microstock photographer - currently, about double minimum wage in US, so better than flipping hamburgers or babysitting and, arguably, much more fun.

- I included several graphs in my article.

I would welcome any comments or suggestions. How to improve my approach? What I am missing?

Photo credits: Marek Uliasz.

Your article must be written in English



nice efforts dear. i m very happy to see this. thanks for sharing


nice advices,but I'm pretty new and don't really know how I could help or say...anyway good luck for the next sales


Nice article - I hadn't thought of it that way.


Don't Despair. If you use your equipment exclusively for stock photography then the expenses are high but if you use it for pleasure mainly, than your expenses are low. And I think the later is what is keeping many of us in stock photography.


Nice analysis, thanks for sharing.


Well, Marek: I think microstock makes good money in time...with a lot of photos, people, new ideas...


But ce la vie. Golddigger for exampl...


I have left a comment and question on the blog and thank you for raising and answering this issue. David.


Very interesting blog! Thanks for sharing :0)


Very nice info. Keep. up the good work.

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