I am Mani33

Hi all

Today I made 3 years on DT, so I am writing my blog number 102 on DreamsTime ! Yes! Before you think who the heck is Mani33, I would like to tell you that I was blogoholic on DT and with strange records during these 3 years! No please don't check any list of top photographers or an assignment winner, but thank God I am still on the top of the game most played games even though I haven't play in a year almost & decided to stop on game number 3333!

Another strange record that is my message board posts are declared as 3,800 at the moment! Maybe some admins haven't have all that yacking within years!

Maybe I would say the best return I have from DT is a big family that made a part of my life since then! Thank you DT for the precious return & all the best for my friends! :)

Mani33 is not only a big mouth that is over flooding the data base of DT, but also an illustrator who was active for sometime, and a buyer who still use microstock images every now & then! So I won't miss this occasion with out doing my favorite thing...

Informing some photographers about their images that I used in this small website!

For those who doesn't know me, I don't do that only when I make a year on DT, but eventually when a project is done & I feel it's good to link it online!

Of course I made the decorative work for the site to look nice & I haven't forget to protect the images so they can not be used illegally by any who might think about that!

For more about that... Please read my previous blog.

Here are some of DT images in use...

© Justaa
© Nruboc
and many more to find if you navigate the site... :)

A year ago I had made a small site ( WhereAboutPhotos.com) where photos in use can be reported by their own photographer/illustrator on my facebook page!

Left to say I am happy to be a part of this community and I hope I will have many years on DT, be more active & to start having real records! :)))

Photo credits: Bertold Werkmann, Justyna Pszczolka, Mariaam, Stephen Coburn, Pzdesigns, Yuri_arcurs.

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Thank you Eternalfeelings & welcome to DT! :)


congratulations Mani33!!!


Thank you all! :)




congratulations Mani33 :)


Thank you Queen of France! Miss ya! :)


And we're all happy you're here too.


Thanks Matt! I have much to cope with from what I have missed here!
Take care dude! ;)


hey dude, long time no see. I have been off the blog for a bit too. I think I've only written a couple of blogs before you came back here.


haha... I KILL YOU! 8-}


SILENCE !!! 8-}


Thank you Dragos! Yes all together ;)


Happy many, many years with DT, Maen!


Thanks Irisangel... :)
Jitka your words are always a good motive to move forward! Thank you for being a great friend! ;)


And I add that Mani is also a very good friend :-) it is fun to exchange opinions with him, he always gives you a good opinions and support :-) So I wish to "mani33" - a lot of successes, a lot of sales and good clients and a lot of fun with all he knows :-)


Happy DT Day Maen. keep up the good work!


Thanks Margaret & Laura! :)


Congrats maen!!!!


Happy Anniversary :)


Thank you all my friends! :)




Congrats! and happy annyversary :) I wish you a lot of success! :)


Happy anniversary! :)


Happy Anniversary Maen!


Hey Mani, you must be a great open hearted guy so I wish you the best not only on DT! BTW you are as old on DT as I am so I know your blogs too...


Happy 3rd Anniversary Maen!


Congrats Bro,,,, I really miss all those informative blogs you write, 3 years bro, it seems like just yesterday.


Happy Anniversary, congratulations my friend!


Thanks Ebamo! :)


Awesome Maen!!! ...Nice to read a blog of your again :-)

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