I miss my Indonesia!

After one year when I was living in Bali and travelling around all archipelago I

And I decided to write few words about photos which I love so much. My photos, to be clear.

1. Last February I visited Sumba which is my favorite island (I went there after four years and I was almost crying... because this island is place, where I want live). I met my local friend Dany and together we visited festival Pasola. Men from two neighboring villages are (one time per year) fighting among themselves. It

Pasola fighter

2. Last year I was lucky and I was celebrating balinese New Year (Nyepi). Before Nyepi (day of silence) are people drinking alcohol, dancing on the streets and presenting large statues of ghosts and demons. This night is named Ogoh-ogoh. I didn

Drunk Balinese Young Men Celebrating Ogoh-Ogoh

3. When I climbed Rinjani mountain (Lombok Island) first time, I said I

A porter going down from Rinjani mountain, Lombok, Indonesia

I could write and write about Indonesia for hours, but maybe next time... Now is time to sleep and dream about that beautiful country. :)

Photo credits: Avenikolas.
  • Avenikolas

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March 09, 2015

Interesting topic, thanks for sharing.


March 02, 2015

Enjoyable article and great photos! Your passion for Indonesia shines through in your writing. Thanks for sharing.


March 02, 2015

You have great journey. Congratulation!


March 01, 2015

Mariayunira, thank you for your comment. I´m glad to read it. :)


March 01, 2015

Dear Nikol..Thank you for sharing the beauty of my country..
You have a great porfolio..Good luck with sales!