i nearly there...

its been a while when i started to upload my works here in DT. I always check my works its been a routine for me, when i see them all, i feel like a farmer looking up to my plants and watch them grow. now i am nearly hundred images (96 images online) and i am planning to add more. Every time when i have an idea i immediately get my pencil and my sketch pad and starting to draw - i am afraid maybe i lose it(he he he he he). thanks.....

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April 17, 2010


good draw!

April 17, 2010


Nice illustrations!

April 16, 2010


Keep up the good work, you have a nice style.

April 16, 2010


Good illustrations, I wish you good luck!

April 16, 2010


I like your illustrations very much! You have a really great portfolio. Wish you good luck and many sales ;)

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Photo credits: Arman Catalasan.