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Last year I began to stock pohoto on DT, in the first time I met a lot of trouble, but it will be better, now I have 115 photos, I will upload more pictures to DT, I need everyone's encouragement, I will do my best!

I'm interested in texture, like brickwall or wood texture..

I also have some interesting pictures.

Hope you like them


Photo credits: Yamatato Lee.

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December 10, 2012


Very beautiful!Your red door will sell very well!Congratulations!

December 06, 2012


Very good......... love all the images simplicity sells well except in assignments where editors ask for complex lighting................. I almost always aim for simplicity so that fact puzzles me. David.

December 06, 2012


Beautiful pictures, I think it will sell much of their simplicity and direct communication!

December 04, 2012


Your images are amazing.

December 04, 2012


Lovely texture collection!

December 04, 2012


I really like your crispy colours!
Go for it Yamatato!

December 04, 2012


You have really nice images!

December 04, 2012


It is very beautiful.

December 04, 2012


Thanks!I will try my best

December 04, 2012


Great images you have online...like the red door as well...also the water apple. Just keep on adding and adding to your portfolio. You learn as you grow.

December 04, 2012


I like your textures - I think your red door will do level 5 in the next 2 years - have you ever thought to do some editorial pictures from people around you? - would be interesting to see that in your portfolio too!

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