i need help with how to clean inside of camera at eye piece and mirror.............

Ok so i noticed i have some stuff on the inside of the camera where the eye piece is of my Digital canon XT 8.0MP camera and i cant blow it off......what sort of a brush or cleaner should i get to remove it? also i noticed that the mirror might be a little dirty as well.........i have had my camera for about a year and a half now and i might have to clean the sensor to right? I mainly just want to clean the mirror and inside eye piece.............PLEASE HELP! ha ha ha thanks

Photo credits: Fritzkocher.


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May 27, 2008


If the dirty is only in the mirror and in the eye piece, theres no problem...It will not apear in the photo...
I cleam my sensor once to remove some dust in it, i clean it with a very soft brush very slowly with the mirror up...
like Dcwcreations rwote, i saw in a store a spray with compressed air and a small tube to blow the dust...

May 11, 2008


I have read on the net many different ways to clean the cameras inside.
Of course this is all at your own risk and your decision but I have had to clean mine myself because I live so far from any where that does it.
I use a thicker artist brush and blow over the hair with an air compressor using high velocity air this creates a dust magnet charge of the hair. Then when you wipe the mirror or the window it attracts the dust to the brush. It,s kind of like rubbing the balloon on your hair and sticking it to the wall.

Be carfull and good luck.

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