I am NEW in Dreamstime

Hello,everyone.this is the first blog article of my home in DREAMSTIME.

I am a medical student in Medical school of Nanjing University while I am a intern in hospital.I am like to be a neurosurgeon.

My name is Ethan Wong. Ethan, in Chinese pronunciation, it's basically like DOCTOR.

And , I like taking photos.I bought my first camera last year. Cannon EOS 350D.

In all ,I like this new place.It will be a home of my pictures and me.

Photo credits: Showface.

Your article must be written in English

April 07, 2008


Hi Ethan, Welcome to Dreamstime, its a great place.

April 07, 2008


Hi Ethan, Welcome to Dreamstime.
Ciao, Ann

April 05, 2008


i come from Suzhou.i got a lot of friends in Nanjin.
peace out!

April 05, 2008


Hi Ethan! Welcome and have fun here on DT! Bye, Rob.

April 04, 2008


Hi,Ethan.Welcome to DT.I'm a newbie from China also.Hope see your image as soon as possible.Good luck!

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