I am a photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime.com.

"I am a photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime.com".I saw these words on mine page.For me ,This is a good matter.I may upload more images ,Let me even more diligently .I will obtain more exercises for this.let me worried is my English is very bad.Therefore the keyword is a question.I can not but the translation word one by one .Who can tell me the good means?

Photo credits: Pengdevey.

Your article must be written in English

June 02, 2008


I would suggest that you come up with some standard lists for some of you most common topics to save time by only having to translate once. eg dog,canine,pet,animal,etc
lists of things like list of colours etc would help aswell

June 02, 2008


tank you friend

June 02, 2008


visit translate.google.com or babelfish.altavista.com

Both are good translation tools.

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