I am still Little John

In the metro to the office in the morning, I read such a short news on the paper: There are so much German cockroaches in office buildings in Shanghai. One of the reasons is the cockroach's favorite temperature inside the buildings, which is from 25 degrees to 32 degrees. The other reason is the greedy office ladies!

The news made me so happy since I had a nick name when I worked in hotel, which is "Little John". John stands for the meaning of "strong", which has the same pronunciation in Chinese. The cockroach's living capability is one of the best among all livings in the world. That's the reason to call a cockroach is really strong. Little John refers to cockroach here.

Since I always kept on hard and non-stop working in the hotel, all the colleagues in or out of my department called me always as "Little John". :-) When I changed my job to the current lazy position, "Little John" looks disappeared already. However, from the bottom of my heart, I know, I am still the "Little John" now and forever. Nothing can change this!

© Lhj
© Lhj

Photo credits: Huijie Li.

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