I am strongly amazed! :)

Today tried to pass examination on iS in 7 times! Also hasn't passed! I can not understand, than my works from presented on iS are worse. Met works very awful. Really it is impossible to choose 3 approaching from my small portfolio?! Feelings overflow, I do not know, to cry or laugh :) Friends, will express the opinion!

8 attempt in 365 days! :)

P.S. I ask administration to forgive me if my message is not pleasant for the known reasons.

Photo credits: Pavel Vorobyev.

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February 03, 2011


I remember that one Stock agency rejected a photography which was accepted and sold at DT, this made me become exclusive to DT!

February 03, 2011


Yeah it's difficult to understand. My last batch of 14 photos was accepted with over 90% AR on several sites but another site (which I won't name) has refused absolutely all of them. Difficult to accept, sometimes it just feels like a timing issue.. what if I had submitted the next day??.. that reviewer would be off :D
Anyway good luck with your submissions on all sites and again thumbs up to DT for a wonderful and friendly environment!

February 03, 2011


IS rejected me for two times, then I wanted to become exclusive here, so I gave up on IS and now it`s much better! :) DT is the best!

February 03, 2011


I passed the exam with only the third time. Each time they were collected at a single work. And the forum on IS only for users who have either bought or downloaded images. That is, people who do not pass the exam access to it is closed ...

February 02, 2011


Don't give up...

February 02, 2011


On IS when first trying to submit to get in try not to use the same subject more then once. I caught on to that after the third try. They want to see variety.

Good Luck!

February 02, 2011


As repeatedly pointed out by the successful peers to me , IS and DT and other sites each have their own criteria to what they want from contributors.
This is probably the wrong forum too , to ask this question, which is best meant for IS . Also, if I can recall, IS has a handbook for those contributors who are wondering what they want from those who upload to them. Hope this helps.

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