I Suppose it aint all that bad!!!

I wrote and article a while back about having a poor start to the month of August, not poor in sales terms but poor in terms of creativity and ideas for me...

Well things have not gpot a great deal better but have been looking back through my portfolio and some of my earlier images and realised that things can't be all that bad! I tend not to travel too far to take pictures, my limit is Budapest which is where my 350th image was taken which was accepted today. So all of my images were pretty much taken in my garden/house or a short bicycle ride away...

I guees whilst looking through my pictures that I am really lucky to live somewhere that affords me such opportunities, I am originally from the UK but recently bought a rural small holding in the middle of nowhere in Hungary and although being able to improve my portfolio with some shots from the City would be nice I am much happier shooting my life just the way it is! Who need the noise and hullabaloo of the big city :)

When I say I live in the middle of nowherem this is a view in the village that I live in from last winter as you can see we have lots of nothingness and if you click on the geotag location you will note that there is not a lot here to play with, it is actually the flatest plain of land in Europe so I am going to have to get a little creative it take and landscape shots! I am planning to order the BW110 10stop ND filter and head to the lake when the nights draw in a little and see what I cannot create... Oh for ideas :D

Photo credits: Llareggub.

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Isolation.. sometimes it really gives.. the guts, raw guts. Just to hold the isolation guts, that's the main. Though sometimes to live like that it's quite madly... and if alone...
I've born in a place like this, the middle of nowhere. It wasn't easy to move in a city. To get used to it, to like it. But now I'm in a capital of little country - Lithuania.
Have luck!


lol, thanks Calyx, it is a lovely place but it is desparately poor I am shocked that places like this exist at the heart of the European Union!

I'm not welsh although my name is a reference from a welsh poet (come trouble maker) called Dylan Thomas who was Welsh! If you spell the name backwards, it makes a little more sense although not sure if it works in US english ;)

I am lookg forward to Autumn and seeing what I can produce there is a large lake about an hours cycle ride away from home and the colours should be incredible, I guess we all hanker after different surroundings to take pictures of once in a while. Trying to garner inspiration from your immediate surroundings is tough day in and day out!


Oh, you live in a lovely place Llareggub. Are you Welsh? I'm just guessing from your name. I think you have lots of opportunities to shoot rural life and agriculture there, which seem to be pretty good sellers here (dependent on the weather, of course). I am an American now living in Saudi Arabia. Quite different here too, but I like rural (I now live in a compound) and have really enjoyed your pictures. I am also missing rain and cold so I particularly enjoy those images! I bet you will be able to photograph amazing autumn shots. Don't worry about August, thngs are always slower in the summer. Just keep uploading and stay positive. And creative! :)


Oh, as I understand you... Itself I live in noisy city. And it would be desirable to escape somewhere where silently and easy. At you very beautiful photos.


Thank you all for taking the time to respond, August is ok for sales. Currently running 2nd on revenue wit a week and some left to go but it is a lack of inspiration that I am struggling from!


For me too, August hasn't be a good month in sales. Your images are great by the way.


I (literally) cannot be in my apartment without wearing earplugs, due to the extreme traffic noise and vibrating windows (that make me dead sick) So I can understand your choice to leave the UK and buy a nice place in the middle of nowhere. The area sure looks awesome!
Looking forward to see more of these images! Good luck building your portfolio!


August is generally my slowest month as far as sales but its usually ok. so far this month I have maintained my average for sales, higher rpd, the only thing I can complain about is that I havent been able to get anything accepted which could be that I havent been in the mood to make things perfect as of late.

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