I think I should move to the beach

I was reviewing my portfolios on various sites to see which images were working best for me and clearly it's my nautical images. Lighthouses have been an especially good subject for me, and along with boats and other images of the sea, they account for over half my total stock photo sales.

I found this one from Nantucket in a slide show on the site of Budget Travel magazine for September licensed from Dreamstime in an article called Charming Fall Islands. It's no. 13 in the slideshow

Other DT contributors include Chris Yenney (couldn't find the photo on DT), Jiawangkun, William Perry, and Balloonguy. Here are their photos:

The photo of mine they licensed was also in the Daily Telegraph (UK) earlier this year, and this month another of my stock photos (of boats in Rockland Maine) was in Coastal Living magazine. Glad I took some more lighthouse photos in Iceland and Florida in August. Hope to get them up here soon! (I'm way behind on my plan to hit 1,000 images on DT in the next year. Taking a lot - was in California last week - more beaches! - but no time to process and post them!)

I actually grew up an an island, so perhaps that's why the sea is my favorite subject.

Here are some of the other nautical images I licensed in September from Westerley, Rhode Island (middle) and the other two from Maine :

And my two newest uploads are beach photos from Newport, Rhode Island:

I'd be interested to know what kind of subjects are other people's best-sellers. And I hope the folks whose photos are here get a peek at the article while it's still online.

Photo credits: James Bushelle, William Perry, Wangkun Jia, Marianne Campolongo.

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Marianne, I can't seem to find the proper place to thank you for putting two of my shots of the Merchant Marine Academy into your managed collection, so I'll thank you here!


Wonderful view !


Congrats! To think I lived on Mount Desert Island for seven years and didnt start doing stock until I left! ;-)

I know what you mean Edward! People used to tell me to quit my job and let my daughter model when she was little. I wasn't doing photography then (and the snapshots I have are all on ASA 400 35mm negatives) and while she's still gorgeous, she's away at college.

And when I lived in Manhattan, it would've been great - now when I get in I feel like a tourist with my camera.

But you certainly have a terrific variety of interesting photos. If you were still in such a beautiful spot you might not bother looking past the coastline for your inspiration.


Congrats! To think I lived on Mount Desert Island for seven years and didn't start doing stock until I left! ;-)


Congratulations! Its a pity that I live quite far away from the beach!

Jdanee, It looks like you get there quite often - lovely images.

I live more than an hour form the nearest beach and several hours from those I love to photograph the most. That's why I really would like to move closer! :)

You have great images!

Thank you Laura. You have a great portfolio. So creative! Love that "painted" sunflower and the soap tower. And your portraits are lovely.


Congratulations! I think your photos were accepted by DT because they include boats (for the most part) or a lot of water. I uploaded 6 Florida beach shots, no boats, and all were rejected as not quite what we are looking for. I live in a beach town, Sarasota, Florida.

Thanks KPhotos. I love your food images. I actually have a couple of very simple beach photos on DT with very little water and nothing but stones and sand. No boats. Here are a couple:
   Rolling waves stones rocks on empty beach       Waves single stone on sandy beach with copy space   


You have great images!


Congratulations! It's a pity that I live quite far away from the beach!


Congratulations! I think your photos were accepted by DT because they include boats (for the most part) or a lot of water. I uploaded 6 Florida beach shots, no boats, and all were rejected as "not quite what we are looking for." I live in a beach town, Sarasota, Florida.


Thanks for taking a look at my work and for the positive comments.

Wangkun, I was happy to highlight your photo and those of the other DT folks with images in the article – anything that might help us all license more photos. I found another one of my photos on Travel + Leisure's website which makes 3 beach photos in major travel magazines or on their sites for September. It's really nice when they do those slide shows: it gets me dreaming of all the beautiful beaches I have yet to visit and those I'd like to revisit.

I've enjoyed looking at everyone else's photos and blogs too – very inspirational ! Most of you have significantly larger portfolios than I do, but I'm hoping to add another 900 in the next 12 months - and another 1000 each year after that - a tough goal but one I need to reach if I'm going to get a good return.

Brad, you really have a very diverse portfolio – even your sports images are so varied– love the chalkboards - and what cute kids! I think I voted for your photo of the boy on the bike in one of the contests – it looks very familiar.

Joe, yours is so diverse too, particularly impressive given its small size. You’ve gotten great photos with a point and shoot!

Mariaam and Concetta, I love your illustrations (and photos). I used to draw back in my high school and college days, and took a class in Illustrator many years later when I started working as a freelancer, but for stock I think I should stick to what I do best. I’ll leave the illustrations to people like you with artistic talent.

Francesco, Belated congratulations on making your 100th sale in only 140 days! That's impressive! And now you’re close to 400 in less than a year. Your isolated images are terrific. And I liked your tips about isolating them, and which keywords to use. And Concetta, belated congratulations on your 600th sale, you're already close to 700. My next milestone is 200 so I have a lot of catching up to do :)

Enrique, you have an amazing portfolio. Lady Gaga is one of my husband's favorites (and mine too). You've got some awesome celebrity photos!

Thanks again for all the nice comments.


Beautiful images!!!


It's amazing to find my photo here, thank you for sharing.


Your images are great, I guess we all want to move to the beach sooner or later.


I've been doing a bit of an analysis and it turns out my sport photos do surprisingly well for me, despite my complete lack of interest in professional sports :) When you look at my top photos there are a lot of different photo types, but given the small number of sport shots I have, they have added a lot of dollars...

I bought a football and baseball for the kids two years ago and did a handful of quick photos before they started playing with them - those images have made me $400 since then :) Plus I lucked out and happened upon a Superbowl site two years before the event:

 Cowboys Stadium 


Have images really beautiful, congratulations!


Beautiful photos!!!


Light houses have an old world charm of their own and there is nothing like spending a solitary day on a beach.....

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