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I understand my rejections

I did an interesting exercise today.

I went back and looked at the images in my rejected folder. I keep them, purely because I don't want to mistakenly try to resubmit them. Obviously I thought there was something about them that was worthy in the first place, so there is a chance I would try again with them.

You know the feelings/thoughts you have when you first get the email that your image/(s) hasve been rejected?...

"no, it can't be right, damn that is so unfair, I must have landed a mean reviewer etc etc..."

Well, LOL, it is amazing what time & experience gives you. I was looking through some/most of the images & cringing and although I cannot remember why each image was rejected, I am now pretty sure I could see the reasons for each of them. There were some pretty obvious flaws there.

I guess that is progress for me. I hope so. I know I will likely still have images rejected, but hopefully I am learning what works & what doesn't, so my approval ratio will go up.

I was also pleased to reach a milestone of 200 uploaded images this week.

A small achievement for some I know, but an achievement nonetheless and one I am proud of.

My downloads have reached 33...and I even have one rigt on the verge of becoming level 2!!!

I'm still loving & learning on Dreamstime

Photo credits: Forestpath, Yuri_arcurs.

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April 28, 2010


The trick is not to get disheartened with a reject.

June 15, 2009


Exactly. I am not getting too aggravated about rejections (well, on the other hand, I am not getting many). Past experience shows that rejected images were usually rejected for a good reason - even if I could not see it at the time.

June 15, 2009


Congrats to your achievement!
I love the vibrant color in your images.
And yes, it is a learning by doing process, However, it's dreams times! So let's grab our dreams... ;)

June 15, 2009


I just had my first level 2 image, it was an exciting milestone for me. Congratulations to you for getting 200 images online. I still haven't reached that level yet. As for rejections, yes, I totally concur with what you've said, I've learned a lot, but still have a ways to go. The bulk majority of my rejections are for poor lighting. I'm slowly figuring this aspect of photography out. Its a difficult learning curve for me because sometimes I just don't "see" what they are seeing. I would have to say the most frustrating rejection I recieve is either the 1. "this is not what we are looking for" or 2. "we have enough of this subject" (especially when I look in the new files and see a bunch of crap).

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