I am a Vampire!

Hehe funny I know. But I was recently shocked to see my picture in a blog which taught how to put artificial fangs on a normal person and make it look perfect. I was like.. .huh?!?!?! That’s not fair, I am naturally a vampire who likes to prey on beautiful women.

Since my childhood I have hand these canines popping out and everyone advising me to put braces. My parents threatened me a lot of times and I have had beatings over it, but somewhat since childhood I had a belief that these fangs will be useful for me someday…. Ask the ladies !!! Lol! ----> if you ask them make sure you find those marks on their necks to confirm that I was around.

Till now they have been quite an attraction in my photos and people find me real scary. You know these days its hard to scare people without guns, when you have something naturally like this, things can be easier.

So everyone beware…. Especially the beauties. I am not fake…. I exist for real. All pics on these blog are mine with the real fangs no matter what the effect. And those of you who need permanent tattoo of fang marks on their necks, feel free to contact me, I am always in need of fresh blood.



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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September 19, 2007


Hey.. c'mon I swear on my bleeding heart... those are my real real fangs. hehehe -----> Maybe I need to fly to you on the next full moon night Carmen!

September 19, 2007


LOL no more blaming you are too serious.........you are definitely the way I imagined you to be...I was just poking the funny to come out :P. See, this is why i said you looked scary....i thought you just liked vampires....but to see that you may be a real one :))))) still can't believe it those are your real fangs

September 18, 2007


I have been blamed by some people for being too serious here, I guess its good being difference once in a blue MOON (Vampires like FULL MOON regardless of the color) , Infact the name of the girl who inspires my music and songs since I saw her also means the moon. Thats how genuine vampire I am ... ehehehe

September 18, 2007



September 18, 2007


LOL! Have the men in white coats let you out for the weekend Nikhil?

September 18, 2007


U r funny! ;-)=

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