I've Earned $1.48 From Suggesting Keywords

No... I'm not going to tell you that suggesting keywords for images is a great way to make money. I don't suggest keywords for images very often. I do it when I have free time and am browsing the database.

Browsing the database is an education in itself. You discover the occasional portfolio that does nothing but inspire in terms of size versus sales. You learn new techniques. Seeing concepts and ideas that you never thought of expands your own imagination.

But keywording the images of other Contributors? Just to earn two lousy pennies?

The reason why I will suggest keywords is because I find it a challenge. Did a Contributor give their image a real chance to be discovered by a Buyer? It becomes a mental exercise to think of all the words that the Contributor might have missed.

Two things happen when you suggest keywords: (1) You think of keywords that you can use in your own images and (2) You will find keywords in images that you never thought of using in your own images.

I would argue then that I've earned much more than $1.48 by playing this little game with keywords. Suggesting keywords expands your own keyword volcabulary and thus helps with your own sales.

Displayed here is the image I have most recewntly suggested keyword for. If you look, shouldn't the image have the keyword PRETTY? I suggested that and 17 additional keywords. It remains to be seen if they will be accepted but suggesting keywords, at least for me, has helped me to improve my overall skills in stock.

Photo credits: Tomasz Tulik.

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February 14, 2011


Thats a great idea. Might have to try that too :-)

February 10, 2011


Hello Wisconsinarts. Can you contact me about an image? #8807168. wondering if you have a version with a bit more foreground?

January 19, 2011


I agree,even more for me or other people who aren't english native language

January 18, 2011


Thanks for sharing, ok, is not the way to make money, but as you said is a good way to improve my vocabulary and my english as well :-) I didn't realize you could suggest keywords and you can earn money from it! thanks!

January 10, 2011


Wow! Hope you come across my images and help update my keywords :D

January 09, 2011


...that's a lotta keywording!! $1.48 - 74 images, 740 keywords!! I had a go....but quickly grew bored as I don't know if any of my suggestions were accepted - A keyworder league table Admins?!?!

January 09, 2011


Thanks for sharing, I didn't realize you could suggest keywords (or earn money from it!).

January 08, 2011


Oooh...this gets me intrigued. I'll have to try this sometime! :) I did it once before a long time ago, but I think I'd suggest better keywords now.

January 08, 2011


I think its great way to improve

January 08, 2011


I have never done that... I guess It would be a good thing to do with spare time...

January 08, 2011


Sounds great, keep up the good work...

January 08, 2011


I would suggest keywords a lot more if you didn't have to suggest 10. I find I have to go beyond truly relevant keywords to come up with 10. It is a bit of a balance as too many keywords hurts relavancy...

January 08, 2011


Thanks a lot for your advice!

You have the advantage that your are a native English speaker. Think about all the non-native English speakers who struggle even more to find the correct keywords. School English is not very helpful but searching for similar photos just to get better keywords is a real help!

January 08, 2011


Mani, thanks for the link, I had no idea about his page, DT has a lot of corners

January 08, 2011


Trottola to know which ones click this link... https://www.dreamstime.com/keywording_earnings.php

January 08, 2011


Some time I likes to suggest keywords too, 'cause it's a fun for me... but you have done a big job to earn 1.48$!!!

As well as Mani I think it takes too much time to know if your keywords have been accepted and also I'd love to know which ones!

January 08, 2011


sounds great and nice share..

January 08, 2011


I used to do that from time to time! But knowing if your keywords are accepted, takes an age! I also enjoy it for the reasons you've mentioned!
Who wants an advise where, why & how to start you can read this old blog... ;)

January 07, 2011


That's a great way to look at it. Keep up the good work!

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