I've found one of my images!

Here it is: it illustrates the article "The importance of play for adults"

You know, when I was 5 years old and drew this picture I couldn't imagine that it will ever illustrate something. Like an article :) lol

Besides, having read it I thought seriously about the importance of playing. Finally someone think like I do)

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

Your article must be written in English



Congratulations!!! Most of my hand-drawn illustrations that I have uploaded have been from when I was a child. This blog article gives me reason to hope that perhaps they will be used eventually, also!


Congratulations! Nice image!


Nice image, must be a special feeling...
Cheers ;)


One thing really great and fantastic ... after all it is always 5 years!
Really wonderful! Brava!


Yes, I've just searched for my nickname and here you are. TinEye may be also of some help (but I havent found any of my images with it, thou others did).


Great! I'm always happy if I find something new being used!

Marpit, search in google your real name + dreamstime ! Good luck!


WOW !!!!
How do you search your images on-line ?


what fun!! I'd love to find one of mine somewhere! its a great image! especially that you drew it at aged 5!

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