I Want it. Can I Get it?

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This is my 199th sale. It's already my best month in terms of downloads, but I need just one more to score my double ton (cricket terminology). Can I get it before the end of the month?

Come on buyers take a look through the best portfolio on Dreamstime ;-) (you gotta sell yourself) and buy just one photo, just one! (preferably extended license) and feel the satisfaction knowing that you've helped to bring great happiness to the world, well ok that's a bit over the top, but you'll have helped to make me happy.

All proceeds go to the 'Komar's vintage wine collection'.

Photo credits: Komar.

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David, you will and more.


Well done Komar! I've just reached fifty downloads so looking forward to getting to your sales level one day. Regards, David


Congrats! This is another example of how we can always get something we really want)


Thanks Fultonsphoto and Rosedarc, 202 now. Mission accomplished. Roll on 1000 downloads lol.


Congrats, by the time I read this I see your marketing strategy worked and you have 200 sales now :0)


You're doing really well, good for you!


Justmeyo was right, except not one but two. That's 18 downloads for the month so far, which isn't bad from a small portolio. Rosedarc, good luck with your sales, I'm saying it again cos it seemed to work last time lol!


Miracle, I got mine in the night - and a good one too - did you?? (I still have a long way to go before I reach 200 though...)


I am sure till morning you will sale a photo:)Good luck!


Yeah, there's always a lag - I know you're not lying :-))


lol thanks, this blog is just a bit of fun. Good luck on your sales Rosedarc. By the way I just realised stats on my profile page haven't updated yet, its still shows 197 sales, but it's actually 199.


Sorry can't help you there as I'm not a buyer, but I wish you the best of luck, you're 200th download will come soon for sure!!
Oh, and btw wish me good luck too as I could do with a bit more sales right now!

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