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i want to be a pro

i don't how many professional photographer here in the DT. after browsing so many gifted photographer's web, i got a little bit depressed. they are wonderful, how can i be better?

don't mention the talent and technic , the time is not permitted, for i got a job now. how many others have the same experience with me?

my dream is to become a nature pro. nature is my favorite, living throgh the world changing from clean to polluted, fewer and fewer virginal places left, all i can do is to shoot and keep the view for the future for my son. if i can do more than that with my pics , that's really means something to me.

Photo credits: Zhi Gao.

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March 31, 2009


thx for the comment from Fultonsphoto, Aughty and Ladyminnie and all the others that spending their time to read my blog, and thx for the advice, postprocessing is definitetly the most important in the digital time.
besides how i wish i could have more time. to learn, to read, to take pics and to travel.

March 31, 2009


agree, already an editors choice is a good thing
I dont even have that, just keep making photos and watch the little things

March 31, 2009


I agree with Fultosphoto. Also remember a photographer is an artist. You have the gift of seeing, I call it the third eye ... that is what makes you great. Photography is just a way of sharing it with the world. And DT can help you do that. Keep the day job ... you will know when the time is right to go PRO. Good luck! I will follow your career here on DT.

March 31, 2009


I think you are doing well so far, not many uploads yet your sales seem to be coming, and you already have an editors choice with just over 40 images submitted, that's definitely a good thing. If you are serious about it then take a photography course, and for me and what I have seen in the stock market, a Photoshop course to learn all the post processing techniques which definitely give some photos the edge here. Good luck...

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