I want to film the life and my world.

The most purpose of taking photos of mine is to film(record) the life and my world.

Now I am a student in Xiamen Unversity(XMU). The life in the college is colorful but I still will miss my home. In the city of Xiamen, there are so much things that are different to the life in Shanghai. I can see a lot of the different people and their lifes. I can use carmer as a note to record all the things that touch me.

Not only my life is changing so fast but also the things in China are changing in a very fast speed. Everytime I come back to Shanghai, I can see the changes of the city and people in Shanghai. The city become more and more modern and beautiful. But people in Shanghai are much more busy than before. So I want to record the changes of Shanghai & Xiamen.

I want give everyone a nice view of the world. In our eye we can find things which can makes we happy.

© Fjord

Photo credits: Wenyan Wu.

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April 09, 2008


Thanks for liking it.

April 08, 2008


Beautiful sea!

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