Am I wasting my time?

I've just read a previous blog criticising people who just put a blog up with a link to a tutorial just to get a free credit. If that's what people think of my articles then i'd really like to know as I actually thought I was helping the community here with my articles on photoshop tutorials? I've had nothing but positive comments so far but the blog in question has really made me think if it's actually worth it?

What do you think?

Please let me know by leaving a comment.

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November 15, 2010


I think your tutorials are kind and considerate. They've helped me. Please continue and I'll be reading.

October 02, 2007


Well, I'm always been a fan of tutorial blogs... Especially a blog that is very simple yet informative...

Mr.Detata Wheels

September 26, 2007


Please continue with any and all useful information. If I read one thing that stops and makes me wonder about something, that could just become my next great project. I am new to Dreamstime, but not to the business. I contribute to four other sites as well and I am constantly searching for artistic and technical ideas. Remember people...If you read it in this BLOG, it didn't cost you a single cent...Knowledge is POWER!

September 18, 2007


Thanks for the support people. :-)

September 18, 2007


All tutorials are a big help - please continue.

September 18, 2007


.. I agree with Achilles
I just posted a tutorial I created myself to help others on what I learned in bryce..
I was up at 4am finishing my product and didn't finish till 7pm.. it took me 3 hours to do the tutorial.. most of the time trying to figure out how to stop and play in Swish!
If you personaly do it.. I think you should post, and get that reward..
but again.. that is my opinion.
Anthony, you have a wonderful heart.

September 07, 2007


As someone who does training, especially enjoys the internet and helping others get the most out of technology. . .I'd say NO don't stop, if people don't like it they don't have to read. I'm new to this site and maybe don't quite understand "the rules", but a BLOG is a BLOG and it's yours.

September 06, 2007


Hi Antony,
Keep doing it! I learned a lot just by using some of the tutorials found on your blogs.
Thanks a lot.

September 06, 2007


I am now standing in a corner laughing my ass of because of how funny Tangie turns out to be.
I give Achilles a hand and Tony a hug since I never ment to hurt his feelings.
Like said: I wanted to make people think. I got just that, so .....

That's blogging also.
No restrictions. Criticism never killed the cat, dog or any other animal on this planet.

Signing of for now.

Frenk and Danielle

September 06, 2007


Here's the procedure i normally follow when i create a new tutorial blog.
1) I search for tutorials i think are of interest to the photographers of the site like photo manipulation. These i will post without looking at dreamstime.
2) I search for tutorials i think are of interest to the illistrators of the the site.
3) Then i do a search on dreamstime to look for similer images already on dreamstime.
4) If there are images with more than at least 10 downloads then i deem the tutorial to be of use to others.
5) If the tutorial in question has no or very little images or downloads i wont include it UNLESS i deem it to be an untapped market in the stock business.
6) I then search for images on dreamstime to demonstrate what you could end up with by following the tutorial and using a bit of your own imagination.
7) I put it together and post it. I feel no need to write a lot of text as everything needed is in the tutorial.
8) If i have time (I have a full time job and house to help run) i'll do the tutorial myself and submit the image to dreamstime, if it gets accepted by the reveiwers before the blog is reviewed I then include it in the blog through editing.

I don't think there should be a limit set for how many blogs one can do each day but i will certainly now limit how many i upload.

Everyone should be allowed to write what they want in whatever style they want so long as they are not using it to attack others but that's just my opinion.

So there it is, I'll no longer be posting multiple tutorial blogs every day.

September 06, 2007


Blogs mean diversity and I believe that both strategies can work here. Frenk and Danielle share a lot of their knowledge by writing original tutorials that should be useful to stock photographers. Each of them requires a lot of efforts.
Tony does a lot of research looking for tutorials, at least it seems he does. If all of them would've been directed to a single site, that would've been considered too much. But he does a research and people find them useful. We try to motivate users with the free credits earned this way and probably what triggered this is the fact that you add too many of them in a single day. As Carmen put it, when you have 3 of them in a row, in a single day, you could be blamed of earning the incentives too easy and hunting them.
We don't really want to put a daily limit on the blogs, nor remove the incentive. So, perhaps you could write your own tutorials as well and alternate this way. Or use those tutorials to create your imagery and include it as an example. Remember that anyone can use a search engine, the blog has to include your own content too.

September 06, 2007


Since when we all got to be critics? Not everyone needs to be a little Hemingway or Charles Dickens. I, for one, would kindly appreciate it if you would stop picking on each other's work as there is enough blogging space for everyone. Have we set a limit and I may not be aware of? It has been said on numerous occasions, you are free to write about anything you like. Well, I am sorry if not all of us would like to share their soul and personality and are content to give just a helping hand. It is again SOUL. I am positive it comes from the soul and it is a kind-hearted and well-meant intention.
Tony, I understand you are trying to be helpful. three articles in a row on the same day can be interpreted as a lot. I would advise you, as said before, to slow down and allow people to assimilate your tutorials.
Frenk, if you like taking your time writing the articles, good for you. I am sure that there are people appreciating that too.
You all got your readers and people who appreciate your work. I, for one admire you both as everything you write is useful and coming from the heart.
British people have a history of conciseness.......they are famous for being brief and concise. KIDDING! :p. I do not know how to explain that everyone has his/her own writing style but I would kindly ask you to stop quarreling and throwing nasty remarks and behave..........Otherwise we will consider punishing you, I don't know, make you stay in the corner of the classroom, facing the wall while the other children play happily. :P
P.S. I am scolding you both, but kind-hearted and well-meant :) :P.

September 05, 2007


Well, why not come forward as being the one who caused you to write the blog in question. Questioning the valualbility (wow did I spell that correctly? I hope I did) of posting links while others (like myself) spended about two hours on a carefully chosen topic to write. Trying to pass over some I have learned myself. Being a workshop organiser and all. As said before to you personally, I was not dishing you, I was merely letting others know my slight discomfort about me doing a lot of work and therefor able to post a blog once in a while while others can post many a day. While I am rewarded one nice credit for tweo hours work while others recieve many a day for much less efforts.

NOT to blame you but to make others think. Seeing the 20 so reads on two hours work and the 2 comments on two hours work I therefor decided to follow the same strategy in posting links. But the links are usefull like yours.

BTW using other peoples pics is giving them exposure but no credits. I guess we all now that. With the credits I earn I do buy our own photo's. Why? Because I did the work for it so why give that away?

I hope you understand me a bit better now.
And I hope I did not make to many misspells.

September 05, 2007


Congratulations on your wedding Hobbyink. Hope you and your husband had a great time and thanks for being one of the ones that have supported and encouraged my tutorial blogs from the beginning. I can see the criticism of me maybe posted too many in a short space of time so i'll try and calm that aspect of the blogs down but i've read a lot of encouragement in these comments to convince me to keep doing them. Thanks everyone who's supported me on this. :-)

September 05, 2007


I just got back from my honeymoon, so I must have missed the criticism. I love it when people post tutorials. !!

September 05, 2007


i wanted to clarify that i wasn't being critical in my comments towards the blogs, i only questioned if the number of them might be causing the displeasure.

i do see that these are not merely copy paste blogs but that images are added to support the tutorial. i am sure they are helpful and still wonder if they do not need to have their own area or become part of the useful articles rather than falling in the latest articles.

September 05, 2007


I'm not sure the critics have given much thought to the efforts involved in commmunity-building. I bet most of you folks have extremely busy lives, and its all you can do to scan the blogs (and of course take lots of photos!). Soooo - remunerating content contributors is almost mandatory, and increasingly frequent on Web 2.0 sites. Don't forget this is a new effort for Dreamstime, and an inconclusive launch of the blog feature will do more harm than good. The competition in the MS is increasingly fierce, and member loyalty a precious asset.
I subscribe to your blog by RSS, and have read *every* entry, even though I don't photoshop (yet). I say keep up the good work, and thanks for the effort.

September 05, 2007


I don't know, what criticism you are talking about, but no, your previous blogs are not a wast of time.
Only this one is. :)
Oh, even this one isn't - it brought you to top hot blogs list. ;)
When we do something, there's always people who like what we do and there's always people who don't like. We should concentrate on those whom we can make happy. There's always such people.
The others don't have to read our borning blogs, watch our borning pictures, listen our borning talk. They can mind their own business, write their own interesting blogs, shoot their own interesting photos, talk their own interesting stories to those, whom they can make happy.
Keep on blogging, I'm one of them, who like to read your blog.

September 05, 2007


Great comments guys (Keep them coming) As far as the tutorial blogs go I always give exposure to at least 3 other portfolios on dreamstime to demonstrate what kind of image you can create with the tutorial and this has also generated many positive comments from some of the individual photographers whose images i've used. I've seen certain members on here who show nothing but there own images on their blogs. That's fine by me.

September 05, 2007


Hi Antony,
To be honest I think if someone is using a blog to direct users to another site, the author should use the opportunity to present at least their own opinions and comments. Something should be added than just the link. BUT, having said that, I for one applaud your generosity towards the newcomers by downloading their work and providing them with exposure, so I am very happy to read your blogs. At least, you aren't taking too much advantage of the system and are giving something measurable back. Not to say that others who write blogs don't provide value, but it is kind of difficult to measure.

September 05, 2007


Your tutorials have been a great help!

September 04, 2007


Your blog post ar the best, I have learned allot from reading them and following your links. Do not let what others say stop you from doing a good job.

September 04, 2007



September 04, 2007


Nope - your tutorials are great. Please continue. Keep up the good work.

September 04, 2007


No, I appreciate and have used several of the tutorials already. I hope you continue to post them.

September 04, 2007


I think it would be just enough to create ONE thread with your tutorials inspiration sites links. There are many of them on the net, it's easy to imagine how many blog entries you would have to produce to cover just a fraction of them.
I, personally, have nothing against your 'credits fishing' as far as I am not giving them from my own wallet, you know, :)
When you run your own blog (not gaining credits) and you see a nice site with some useful info, do you link to every individual article, or just to a site, saying - 'hey guys, check this site up' ?

DT's blog feature will be much observed by other co-bloggers as it gains credits. I put it simple, but it is like that. Otherwise no-one would react, they would just ... ignore your blog, you know.

September 04, 2007


Tony, I think it is worthy it if just one person is helped by the tutorials you have dug out. It takes time and energy to search out useful tutorials. Not everyone can think of the relevant keywords to use in Google to find the tutorial that will create the look or effect they are after. You might want to slow the pace down to 1 a day to give everyone time to absorb the previous material.

September 04, 2007


though it seems easy to post tutorials, ( i assume they are mostly copy/paste or linked) and you have 48 posts in a very short amount of time. i think you have good intentions, to share knowledge. but the number of them maybe the thing that has people upset.

perhaps tutorial blogs should be posted in their own space due to the fact that when several are posted other blogs disappear very quickly to the other pages.

perhaps they should limit credits for copy/paste sorts of blogs. it does seem somewhat unfair to reward a copy/paste or here's a link type of blog the same as one that has been put together after much thought and soul searching.

i will be curious to see what others say.

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