I would like the designers to notice me!!

I would like the designers to notice me!!

I have uploaded some images the past month and I wish to continue doing hopefully at the same pace. I also started to sell some of them, a small percentage for now, but I'm waiting to get a little more popular among buyers and start a more aggressive selling session.

But until then, I'm very proud for having my 11th sale and I would be prouder if i knew where do my images go after being purchased. I have a request written in my little profile presentation where I ask all designers (buyers) to give me a little message about where I can find their work along with my images.

This, as I see already doesn't work since I received no such message from any of my buyers ... so I would like to know if there's some other way to get that information. Maybe some of the "older" DT members, more experienced, can give me some advice about this.


Photo credits: Andra Mohorea.


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December 07, 2009


I've sold 1,256 photos in 3 years and only found 4 or 5 searching in google, maybe molt of them are used in paper format or people just buy to put it as a wallpaper on their desktop or other stuff...

The only way to find in google your nick and dreamstime.com or try with "fotografica" and "dreamstime" in that way with commas

I've seen a lot of people who has a personal blog or page and put there their portfolio, maybe is another way to attract buyers, like Maigi: http://www.maigi.com or Dessie: http://www.dessie.hit.bg/

December 05, 2009


Fotografica I understand what you mean, it's always nice to know the end use of the photos but for many reasons we can not always know... Not going into that now!
I would like to tell you also that in the e-mail that DT send to the buyers confirming the purchase process they ask to leave a note for the photographer informing about the photo use if it's possible!
What I want to say is that they are all asked by DT even if you didn't mention it! Some they do others they don't!
Some photographers have their info as confidential others not!
BTW I have nothing against that!

Nice Portfolio... Good luck!

Cheers ;)

December 04, 2009


Lovely pics. You can find your images on net by googling your dreamstime id.

December 04, 2009


Well, I've received notes about 1 in a thousand sales - they are appreciated when you get them... Otherwise, I've found less than 1% of my images in use. Keep in mind that many won't be used in a way you can find on the internet. In many cases the designer doesn't know ahead of time if it will be used (accepted by the client) or may be one of many choices so they can't really tell you how or even if it will be used. I find it kind of fun to try and track them down!

December 04, 2009


great images - you can always try a google search with your name + dreamstime and see if you find anything - good luck

December 04, 2009


Christmas at Belvidere Palace looks like a great image to me. You are doing it right ! David.

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