I wrote another book!

I wrote another book!

Yeap, that's true, I wrote my second book.

Its title is Pagwagaya and it's a weird name by most standards. I made it up ;)

This time I was able to create a cover using my own photos so I didn't have to buy any here at DT!

But I'm showing it off anyway. The main photo is a variation of this sunset you see here, but actually the full cover was

made of 5 different photos of the same place.

And talking about the place...

The story of the book takes place around "Portas de Ródão". The name can be loosely translated to "Gates of Ródão", and Ródão is a recent version of the roman name Rodium.

Portas de Ródão is made up of two huge cliffs that surround Tagus river in Portugal, near the Spanish border.

2 million years ago there was a huge lake and a tremendous waterfall in that place where a quartzitic rock stopped the river. But the river drilled down that rock and now flows at the bottom.

I went there several times in research for the book and took many shots. Now I've made a small photo exhibition that will be shown at book presentations.

The exhibition can be seen here http://www.armandofrazao.com/f_galerias_en.html and I have most of those photos available at a small collection here in DT:

Portas de Ródão DT collection

About the book.

It's an adventure with lots of action and all of it happens in the future of XXVII century!

But wait not for spaceships, cyborgs or akin. There are a lot of struggles and battles, but the main weapons are sticks, swords and bow and arrow!! I guess the future is not always evolution ;)

The next book presentation will be in Vila Velha de Ródão, the small town nearest to Portas de Ródão. It will certainly be a special event :)


Photo credits: Armando Frazão.

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October 11, 2012


Thank you all.
Gheburaseye, take it from a dream. Once you twist it so that it can make enough sense (if you want it to make sense) you can always create great stories. It's what I do :)

October 10, 2012


I'd like to write an illustrated story, but I have no idea at the moment ;)

October 10, 2012


Nice panoramas!

October 10, 2012


Congratulations !

October 05, 2012


That`s great job! Congratulations.

October 05, 2012



October 04, 2012


Congratulations,great job!

October 04, 2012


Oh my... About the book, I forgot to mention the book's website!
Only in portuguese: http://pagwagaya.armandofrazao.com
Hello Eliane, how are you? :)

October 04, 2012


Way to go my friend :)

October 04, 2012


That`s great! Congratulations and hope the book will be much appreciated !

October 04, 2012


Thank you all for your kind comments!
Next October, 20th I'll have the opportunity to go in a boat ride that gets right through those huge gates! I hope I'll be able to get some monumental shots :)

October 03, 2012


Congratulations, that's a great achievement.

October 03, 2012


Wow, congratulations, that's amazing.

October 03, 2012


Truly Awesome! Keep it up!The place looks fab!

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