Ice and snow

It's cold. Days are short and everything turns black and white. No big fan of cold days, I found a camera could make winter much more interesting.

I found that gardens can still be pretty in a totally different way. There might not be colorful flowers or greenery, but the objects in the garden really stand out against a nice clean background (especially after a snow storm):

I can stay nice and cozy inside, and still capture something from a window when the snow gives the ordinary scenery a makeover:

But if I venture out in the cold weather, my hands might be frozen, I might have trouble keeping balance on slippery roads, but I might find a beautiful still life in the neighborhood:

or, that a lakeshore beach has turned into a winter wonderland:


What are your cold weather subjects?

Photo credits: , Jinlide.

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Yes, snow is difficult and it does not look pretty when it starts to melt :) The low light picture can be quite tricky. I turned up my ISO on some snowy days. The misty mood was quite nice but it came with too much noise. I learned to expose white better this time though.


I love winter and so I can say I always love to see such images, I am pleased to make photos outside, snow is a wonderful lesson for learning how to expose "white" :-)


I have been finding it difficult to take photos in snowy weather because of the clouds - I need to try to set my brightness setting higher on my camera or take photos when it is sunny - before the snow melts off! :)

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