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hi there!

i'm really proud to tell you all about the birth of my first collection, it's Iceland 2008 in which there are some photos taken during my last trip in iceland in august...

if you like wide places, wild life and live in plain air, you should.... uhmm no... you must go to iceland!!!!

i'm back in italy by 2 month but i'm already thinking about next icelandic holiday...

see you soon!


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October 22, 2008

thank you really much valeria!

i was planning this holiday so far... iceland is beautiful, wide and wild!!

when "that day" will come, you'll never regret that trip!

appena riesci... facci un salto!!! merita tantissimo!!!
ps. it's strange to talk in english with someone who lives 11km far from me.. hehehe



October 22, 2008

Your pictures are wonderful! I have always wished to visit Iceland and I hope I will do it one day! Lucky you!!!