Idaho Heritage Continued

Private land that borders public land is often an extension of the public land. It is a natural habit to venture beyond the borders of parks and recreation area. However unless the is a posted agreement between the public land and the private owner, it is best to ask permission from the land owner before crossing the border.

Tower gate cliff

This photo is an example of a public, private owner agreement that works well for all parties concerned. This Photo and Reynold's Creek Mountain both remind me of desert western movie locations. I have made plans to feature both locations in a movie someday. Does anyone have a screenplay? If so are you a fan of "The Outfitters"?

Photo credits: William Mccarter.
William Mccarter
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  • Willhavenrg
  • Boise Idaho, United States
Born in the mountains of Idaho Wiliam McCarter was raised to have an insight in the outdoors and all things wild. He started his photographic venture in his early twenties and is still at it today in hes fifties.

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